Is PACE KC Right for You?

If you qualify for PACE KC, our program provides the comprehensive care you need to age in place and enjoy healthy living as an older adult. PACE KC is available to beneficiaries under Medicare and provided to beneficiaries of MO HealthNet (Missouri Medicaid).

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective PACE KC participants must:

  • Be 55 years of age or older

  • Be certified by MO HealthNet as meeting level of care requirements

  • Live within the PACE KC service area

  • Be able to live in a community setting without jeopardizing his or her health or safety

Enrollment Process

To make the enrollment process as simple as possible, our Enrollment Specialists will guide you through every step of the way. Enrollment in PACE KC is voluntary, which means you can choose to leave the program at any time for any reason.

There are three steps to the PACE KC enrollment process.

  • 1

    Eligibility Determination

    Once you express interest in joining PACE KC, our eligibility determination process begins. We will provide you with an introduction to our program and ask a few questions to assess if you meet basic enrollment criteria. If you do, we will arrange for an Enrollment Specialist to visit your home for an in-depth intake visit. During this visit, our specialist will explain the intricacies of PACE KC, detail the services we offer, gather financial information, obtain your permission to access your medical records, answer your questions, and conduct an assessment to determine if you meet the criteria for the level of care required. The state of Missouri utilizes a comprehensive set of criteria based on your functional status, nutritional risk, physical and mental health, and living arrangements to determine your eligibility.

  • 2


    After meeting the preliminary enrollment criteria and verifying your eligibility for the program with the state of Missouri, we will schedule in-person assessments with members of the PACE KC Interdisciplinary Team. These assessments will be conducted both in your home and at the PACE KC Adult Wellness Center. While at the center, you’ll have the opportunity to tour our facilities and learn more about PACE KC from our knowledgeable associates. Once all assessments are completed, our team will work together to develop a personalized Plan of Care tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

  • 3

    Enrollment Conference

    To complete the enrollment process, we will schedule an enrollment conference where you and your caregivers will meet with our team to complete all necessary paperwork and discuss important topics. These topics include your personalized PACE KC care plan, target enrollment date, monthly premium, and your rights and responsibilities as a member. Our team will answer any questions you may have to ensure you fully understand the program and the benefits available to you.

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Effective Enrollment Date

A participant’s enrollment in the program is effective on the first day of the calendar month following the date the PACE organization receives the signed enrollment agreement.

Enrollment in PACE KC is voluntary, which means you can choose to leave the program at any time for any reason. A participant’s voluntary disenrollment is effective on the first day of the month following the date the PACE organization receives the participant’s notice of voluntary disenrollment.

Cost of Enrollment

For those who are eligible, PACE KC is fully covered by Medicare and/or MO HealthNet (Missouri Medicaid), and there are never co-pays or deductibles for authorized, in-network care. Individuals who are not eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or either may require a self-pay contribution. The state of Missouri will determine the amount, which will be a fixed monthly premium.

Personalized Guidance for Every Enrollee

Our Enrollment Specialists are knowledgeable and helpful professionals who understand all aspects of the PACE KC program. They serve as the primary coordinator and point person between all parties involved in eligibility determination and enrollment, including you and your family.

Have Questions?

Have a question or want to contact us? Fill out the form on this page and one of our experienced enrollment specialist will contact you soon.

PACE KC will not conduct unsolicited door-to-door marketing or other unsolicited means of direct contact, including calling or emailing a potential or current participant without the individual initiating the contact.

Service Area

PACE KC provides care to older adults who live in Jackson County Missouri. See a full list of the communities and zip codes we serve below.